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CAST: Abby Cameron,Alissa Anderson,Anna Mills,Cassandra Knight,Elise Di Medici (aka Desi Deangelo),Isabelle Rose,Josie Perez,Paige Richards


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"Tales of Corruption" 90 Minutes Abby Cameron discovers Josie Perez's boyfriend is holding her sister for ransom, and grabs the dark-haired beauty to insure all goes well. When Paige Richards is threatened in a foreign country she stays in a safehouse, but officer Anna Mills is actually part of the gang who plans to nab her. Ambassador's daughter Alissa Anderson is sequestered by her personal assistant, Elise di Medici, who is actually the daughter of an imprisoned revolutionary, and fetish escort Isabelle Rose is compelled by Cassandra Knight to retrieve blackmail photos of a crooked politician.Directed by Jon Woods