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CAST: Alexis Taylor,Bambi Newberry,Cassidy,Kelly O`Dell,Marie,Miranda,Randi Rage,Rita,Sally Layd,Samantha,Tory Sinclair

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Eleven women are tightly bound and strictly gagged by Master Jay in this incredible series of B&D vignettes!
Tory Sinclair
is completely nude (and barefoot) and tied into a secure semi-ball position, she moans around her red ball gag as Jay fondles her body.
Bambi Newberry is belly-down on a bondage horse with both of her bare feet suspended to a post behind her. She drools around her red ballgag. Jay sensually massages one of her soles, then locks her collar to the end of the horse, forcing her the rest her chin in her own drool.
Rita is bound over the end of the banister, wearing red patent boots and gauntlets. Jay clamps her nipples and suspends her ankles up behind her so that all of her weight is balanced on her belly!
Samantha's bondage is a simple chair-tie. When Jay removes her ballgag and re-gags her with white cloth and red tape.
Miranda kneels with her wrists crossed over her head. She mouths a white ballgag and Jay applies little pinchers to her nipples.
Sally Layd protests through her ballgag as Jay grabs her tightly bound tits, whips her, and puts clamps on her nipples.
Post-bound, Marie shakes her head and moans while Jay fondles her body. He flogs her and clamps her nipples.
Randi Rage is strappado-bound and single-gloved with a harness-style ballgag on. Jay manhandles her from behind.
Kelly O'Dell squirms in a semi-hogtie position and a black ballgag with a little jingle-bell. Jay clothespins her tits and hoists her crotchrope.
Cassidy is bound at the elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. Jay enters and completes her bondage with a strict hogtie.
Alexis Taylor sports secure chest roping and a chin-strapped black ballgag as she kneels on a small, turnable platform. Jay clamps to her nipples, then ties her wrists up behind her, strappado-style.