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CAST: Cheyenne Tyler,Samantha

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Samantha's uncle Fred doesn't much like her partying ways, so she turns to Jay for help. His solution? Tame her into an obedient bondagette, of course!
From the start, Samantha refuses to change out of her jeans and sweatshirt into the lacy blue teddy he's handed her, so he holds her down on the sofa and hogties her entirely on camera. A fat ballgag quiets her complaints, and Jay's threat to cut her clothing off with scissors convinces her to put on the lingerie.
Now dressed in the teddy, stockings and heels, her arms are hammered in back. Jay locks a collar around her neck and ballgags her. Bending the helpless blonde over a padded post, he uses a leather crop on her ass and clamps her nipples. Now with her legs spread and a padded bar between her legs, Samantha's wrists are tied over her head and rough hemp rope encircles her tender tits.
When Jay pulls the ball out of her mouth she apologizes, but he's having none of it. He packs her mouth with white cloth and seals that in with black tape. Weighted clamps tweak her nipples. Later Jay tucks Samantha into her bedtime bondage and harness ballgag. As soon as he leaves the room she struggles off the bed and squirms for the door. Jay drags her back and ties her diagonally across the mattress.
By the next morning she seems to have had a change of heart. Perched on a small swivel-stool, she's equally receptive to the tight little nipple pinchers and Jay's kisses. Kneeling and roped facing a short post, Samantha slowly moves against her bonds. Jay changes her black ballgag to one he can lock to the end of the post in front of her face. Big clips pull her nipples forward. For her final scene she wears a sheer black bodystocking, high heels, a leather single-sleeve and a strappy body harness.
This video concludes with three scenes of exotic stunner, Cheyenne Tyler. First she's roped up on a stool, sporting black vinyl lingerie and a black ballgag. Jay adds string lassos around her nipples and blue tape over her gag. Now kneeling, ankles bound to thighs, Cheyenne sighs as Jay exchanges the heavy c-clamps on her nipples for some tight breast bondage. Finally, she sits cross-legged with her wrists strictly hammered in back and a red ballgag between her lips. Tweezer-style clamps squeeze her nipples.
Also features an exciting preview of JEV-85!