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CAST: Eve Ellis

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Bryan loves working with beautiful redheaded Eve so much he's given herthe slave name "Tara" to use only with him.Starting off, Tara is blindfolded and ball gagged in a black sleeveless short dress and black heels. Bryan seats her in a wooden folding chair, caressing her legs and inner thighs, and ties her to the chair and pulls down one shoulder of her dress exposing a large firm breast.Next Tara is tied standing with her black leather-gloved hands above her head. Bryan pulls off her dress leaving her in a black longline bra, garter belt, hose and heels. He attaches a wide spreader bar to her heels. Tara moans enticingly into her ball gag as Bryan brings her hands down, bares her breasts and fastens her hands to the spreader bar, forcing her tight ass up and out at the camera. He adds more rope pulling her head almost down between her legs. On the floor with her hands tied behind her Bryan removes her garter belt, panties and bra leaving her clad in only her gloves and heels. Ropes weave intricately across her body pulling her more tightly into herself. Finally a noose around her neck pulled through the ropes that bind her knees pulls her head into her knees making her an extremely erotic package indeed!To add to Tara's torment in this video there is a leather body harness, leather slave collar, penis gag, leash and leather straps.The final scene is superb. Tara is on her back on a wooden frame, her neck locked into a pillory-like section of the frame. Her ankles are pulled up and strapped to her thighs. Bryan then runs a heavy chain under the center of the wooden frame and locks the ends of the chains to Tara's knee straps.The heavy chain pulls her knees wide apart, giving us detailed close-ups of the leather crotch belt firmly flattening her labia. This video is an erotic gem that is a must for any collection!