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CAST: Eve Ellis

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

BDN-66 is an incredible joint effort by Bryan Davis and Simone Devon, featuring Eve Ellis in the role of Bryan's dungeon slave "Tara". Tara is turned on to bondage but doesn't have a Master or Mistress to help her so she devises her own nude self bondages. The tape begins with Tara experimenting with two very erotic self bondages. Handcuffs, a pump gag, a ring gag, extensive drooling and close-ups of ice water dripping on Tara's bare labia highlight her elaborate self bondages but, as she tells a friend in a phone call, she feels lonely after her self bondage efforts because she has no one with which to share the experiences. Tara goes to sleep and dreams of her fantasy bondages--five elaborate and very severe ties.These bondages feature heavily weighted nipple clamps, ball gags, a muzzle gag, a harness ballgag and a head harness gag with blindfold. In one of the most memorable scenes (of a video full of memorable scenes) Tara is in a harness ball-gag with blindfold on her back on the floor, ankles tied up to her thighs and her ass pulled up above her .A burning candle fastened above continually drops hot wax on to her smooth naked ass and her bare feet squirm and wriggle seductively. Another great scene for lovers of bare feet has Tara standing with her arms hoisted high behind her back, pulling her up on her bare feet; her toes are chained together with metal toe cuffs. BDN-66 features some of the most severe bondage positions of the BDN series with wonderfully detailed close-ups of bare feet, gagged mouth and naked labia. This tape is a real erotic treat -- but please be advised that there is a bit of background audio buzz that we were unable to remove.