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CAST: Alex Foxe,Goldie (aka Goldie Blair),Whitney Prescott


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Sexy blonde Goldie is up first in this new tape directed by Ryan Paris. She's bound outdoors with a bandanna gag and clothespins on her nipples. She's even spanked a bit! Next the pretty Brit is blindfolded and bound in the garage, on top of a shiny luxury car...and treated to a buzzing vibrator!
Bondage supermodel Whitney Prescott is up next, tightly wrapped in clear plastic. Her captor eventually enters the scene, strips the plastic from her legs and twists it into a knotted cord that runs tightly through her exposed crotch. Bound in the gym, corseted Whitney is tied with her ankles spread wide. A vibrator rests against her pussy, tormenting her!
Lovely Alex Foxe rounds out the program. First she's stretched out and subjected to a riding crop and hot wax, then she ties herself up in the shower. So sexy!
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Note! Whitney Prescott retired completely from fetish modeling shortly after shooting these scenes, so this turned out to be her last Close-Up appearance ever!