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CAST: Ava Miro,Paul Carrigan


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Feeling that she needs a real workout, Ava decides to visit a health club owned and operated by Master Paul. Master Paul knows right away she'll be perfect for his special "All Day Treatment". The petite redhead is stretched out for a soothing massage. Once she's completely relaxed, Master Paul asks her if he can take the treatment a little farther. Sexy Ava says sure, and the real treatment begins. Colorful ropes bind her to the massage table while Master Paul administers a much deeper massage - with a leather flogger! After the massage Ava's ready for more so they move on to the locker room. Laying on the floor, Ava is strapped horizontally to a weight bar. The bondage is restrictive enough on it's own, but gets really tough when Master Paul grasps the bar -- she's completely powerless as he swings her around this way and that, lifting her up to his chest in sets of reps. Next, it's time to move on to the next step of the treatment in another part of the spa. Rather than let his client walk around the building in the nude, he suspends her at wrists and ankles to a rolling rack, which he pushes through the hallways! Poor Ava dangles helplessly as he rolls her along. Arriving at their destination, Ava is strapped into a sexy frogtie. Master Paul manhandles her defenseless body, adding some stinging slaps with a riding crop. Her treatment nearly finished, Master Paul decides Ava needs to freshen up a bit. Bright green rope binds her to a chair, directly under the warm spray of the spa shower. She struggles to no avail - this shower won't be over until the Master says so!