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CAST: Alexis Taylor,Eve Ellis

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Stunning brunette Alexis Taylor may be a sexy eyeful, but she is one bitchy boss!
When she starts in with her caustic remarks no employee is safe, including poor, harried office-drone Jay. She's gotten him so tense he can't do his job properly; the only thing that gets him through his work day are fantasies of binding and disciplining his vixenish boss.
Imagining her bound to his bondage frames in tough, will-breaking positions, he sees himself manhandling her big breasts and cutting off her panties with a knife. He whips her. He clamps her nipples. He hoists her taut crotchropes upward. Ballgags and plug gags are forced between her lips.
In Jay's reveries his formerly spiteful superior is transformed into a willing submissive, but he does realize his fantasies are just that. He also realizes that with Alexis' terrible behavior he just might end up being HER boss someday!
This video concludes with two scenes of gorgeous Eve Ellis! Bound face-up and balanced on a tall stool, she squirms and moans as Jay drips scalding-hot candle wax over her outstretched body. Later, standing spread-eagled under the wooden frame, Jay uses a whip right over the hardened wax on her breasts and torso, then rolls the wax off with firm hands. Ouch!
And, of course, we are treated to a preview of JEV-91 to round things out perfectly!