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CAST: Britney,Sydney

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

As we open, Jay is just getting home when he notices that familiar black wooden box sitting on his front step...
Opening the locked box, he is delighted to find pretty Sydney all trussed up inside. Sydney, on the other hand, seems more than a bit distressed at her situation, but that’s just too bad for her, isn’t it?
Jay hauls her out of the box and inspects the merchandise before clamping her little nipples and leaving her there on the pavement to struggle for a bit. Next, we find poor Sydney inside the house, struggling to balance on one stiletto-clad foot, as her other leg has been lashed up to a post. Ropes tightly harness her body, but the addition of nipple clamps *really* gets her squirming! This lithe blonde’s trouble is just beginning, though. During her stay in Master Jay’s care she endures a taut frogtie, a seated strappado position on a tall stool, a humiliating spread-legged tie on the girlie-go-round, and a severe, on-camera hogtie...not to mention all the fat ballgags, strict elbow-roping, cruel crotchropes and a seemingly endless array of clamps on her tenderly-traumatized nipples!
Next up is a new addition to the Edwards stable, Britney! Blonde Britney seems a bit more at home in Jay’s excruciatingly tight ropework, or maybe she is just losing herself “subspace.” At any rate, she handles elbow-bondage like a seasoned pro and her plump breasts look so delightful, all cinched down like that! A strappado makes for easy-access ass-spanks and those onscreen gag changes are simply awesome. Britney’s whimpers will have you wanting to jump into the screen and rescue her...or maybe even add to her torment!
This program ends with an exciting preview of JEV-158.