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CAST: Paul Carrigan,Randi Lee,Eve Ellis


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Randi Lee is one brazen gal! When a hunky salesman arrives on her doorstep she can't wait to get him inside and on the sofa. Once there she's all over him, practically jumping into his lap, but he's having none of it. Before she can knows what's what he's got her hogtied on the couch. What's going on here? Turns out her trampy behavior is the talk of the neighborhood and her husband had to find out if the rumors were true. He's sent his buddy, Master Paul Carrigan posing as the salesman, to see if she'll take the bait. When she does indeed snap it up, the poor hubby asks Master Paul to use his considerable abilities to punish Randi for her lewd habits. Never one to back down from a challenge, Master Paul uses his whips, crops, clothespins, in his endeavor to dissuade Randy from her sluttish conduct. He takes away her clothes and ties her spread-legged on a chair. He forces her to wear full-cut cotton panties, which she hates. He ties her to the kitchen sink, wets her backside with the sprayer, and spanks her soaked rear end. He ties her to a post in the storage room and leaves her to struggle alone. When it's time to go he ties her to the bed in a totally accessible position so that hubby can continue her punishment when he gets home from work. Will this blonde Jezebel ever change her ways? Special Bonus! This video ends with a hot hot hot scene of beautiful Eve Ellis wrapped in black tape and manhandled by Master Paul.