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CAST: Chelsea Blue,Kristine Imboch (lorelei),Lorelei (Aka Kristine Imboch),Taylor St. Claire

DIRECTOR: Sydney Masters

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

A set of mysteriously glowing blades wreak havoc on unsuspecting crooks and tourists before landing in the lap of secretary Lorelei at the Metro detective Agency!
Bored with her job, Lorelei passes time between cases by daydreaming of putting her sexy boss Taylor St. Claire in bondage (and WE get to watch her reveries in several fantasy scenes). When the blades appear in Lorelei's lap and people start disappearing, it's up to Ms. St. Claire's best friend Chelsea Blue to help clear up the mystery of the cursed blades.
This plotted video features plenty of sexy, old-fashioned bondage complete with skirts, whimpers, nudity and more!