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CAST: Chelsea Blue,Lena Ramon,Stevie


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Lovely Lena is annoyed and unnerved by a couple of very strange deliveries to her door. First she receives a box of ratty weeds, then a giftwrapped set of handcuffs...which the delivery girl (busty XXX star Stevie) promptly locks onto her slender wrists! Before Lena knows what's going on she is whisked away by the devious delivery girl. She finds herself tied to a St. Andrew's Cross in a dark room, miles from her home!
Meanwhile, Lena's tall, sexy daughter Chelsea is having some very naughty dreams in which she's a tied up cheerleader with her perky breasts exposed. Upon waking from her dirty dream, Chelsea is a bit freaked out and calls Lena for emotional support. Lena can't help her, though, as she's still being held captive and tormented by cruel, dark-haired Stevie.
As the story twists and turns, Chelsea is eventually reunited with her mom and all three ladies duke it out...but what caused this whole sordid mess in the first place?