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CAST: Bambi Newberry, Tanja Wilder


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Bambi is new in town and strapped for cash. She takes a modeling assignment, only to find that the "photographer" (really just a lowlife jerk whose wife is out of town) expects her to pose nude and bound! Desperate, she reluctantly agrees, but while strapped to a chair she hears a radio report about an escaped convict lurking in the area! You guessed it – the convict soon shows up and knocks the photographer unconscious. Thinking Bambi is the photographer's wife, the thug tries to force her to tell him where the valuables are. He spanks her ass and feet and TICKLES her roughly! Meanwhile, officer Tanja is patrolling the neighborhood, looking for the convict. She shows up at the door, demanding to search the house...and soon ends up bound, gagged and blindfolded! Tanja is a great fighter and getting her subdued is no easy task. Soon the fake-photog's real wife (Kristin) actually does show up and she too falls into the clutches of the nefarious convict! Here's what AVN Magazine had to say about The Convict: "This well-made bondage video features two beautiful, bound, squirming, fully nude redheads (and one blonde), with a little spanking and tickling thrown into boot...Entertaining, with good performances all around."