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CAST: Annabelle Dayne,Star Chandler,Kristine Imboch (Lorelei)


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Annabell Dayne plays two roles in this video by Jon Woods; herself and her twin sister! Their father has passed away and both sisters stand to inherit a great deal. The catch is that they must be present at the reading of the will and their evil stepmother Victoria (Star Chandler) and her assistant (Kristine "Lorelei" Imboch) are out to prevent them from getting there. Both twins end up bound and gagged all over the place! Will they get away and collect their legacy? Or will Victoria succeed with her nefarious scheme?Jon Woods says:"Although this tape is listed as a non-bondage appearance for Lorelei, she was handcuffed by one wrist to the bed by Tatiana Varga. I remember when I was planning that sequence, I put a cuff on Lorelei's wrist and locked the other one onto that huge studio bed. Lorelei put up quite a struggle as I did that...because she was having a good time and wanted to prolong the moment by resisting as hard as she could."