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CAST: Ashley Fields,Barbi Doren,Colleen Endicott,Devin Demoore


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"THE FORGET-ME-KNOT" Exotic Devin Demoore awakens to find herself hogtied and ball gagged in a strange place. As she struggles to free herself, Sabrina Stone enters and demands the hapless beauty tell her where "it" is.The only problem is Devin has no idea what she's talking about, nor does she know Sabrina, or even who she is! A bump on the head has left poor Devin with amnesia, but her unsympathetic hostess doesn't believe her. The feisty lady squirms free and turns the tables on Sabrina, but the gorgeous redhead soon regains the upper hand. As the powerless damsel tries to make sense of this strange predicament, Sabrina ties herself up and reveals a diabolical plot to frame the lovely amnesiac for her crime. Will Devin's memory return in time for her to save herself? The story is followed by two thrilling vignettes. First busty Barbi Doren tries in vain to escape from an office tie-up, then aspiring escape artists Ashley Fields and Colleen Endicott attempt to extricate themselves from a snug mummy-tie.