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CAST: Cheyenne Tyler,Tory Sinclair

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Lisa Landers (Tory) has come to Jay's house posing as a new bondage model, but when she looks through his photo portfolio she shudders in revulsion. Ms. Landers is in reality a member of the World Organization of Women (W.O.W. for short) and W.O.W. does not approve of Jay's work. In fact, they want him to stop producing bondage videos altogether! When he refuses their demands, Ms. Landers informs him that W.O.W. intends to pursue legal action against him and drive him out of business. Well, Jay Edwards does not take kindly to threats! He grabs his feisty detractor, tosses her down on the sofa (causing her to lose her shoes), ties her up and gags her, all on camera! She struggles angrily through the indignity of having her blouse and bra removed, but that's the least of her worries. Jay feels that his fate rests on whether or not he can get his accuser to change her tune. Soon Lisa is enduring one strenuous bondage after another, ballgags of all colors and sizes, nipple clamps, clothespins, and tight, tight crotchropes, until Jay finally forces her to admit and accept that she is a natural born submissive. Once she embraces her true self she really enjoys her bondage enslavement, as is evident by the feverish way she works herself against those crotchropes and crotchstraps! The last two scenes feature lovely, exotic Cheyenne Tyler. First she balances on knee-point on a small swiveling platform as Jay clamps her hard nipples and changes her gag from a black ball to a panel/ball, then she wriggles on a small stool with her wrists over her head while Jay whips her heavily bound tits. Previews of JEV-89 included.