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CAST: Amber Michaels,Carolyn Reese,Darby Daniels,Oceana,Stella Dubois,Veronica Lane


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"THE INHABITANT" The town of Reseda may well hold secrets of an extra-terrestrial nature: Blonde beauty Carolyn Reese is urgently called to her cute friend (and Harmony newcomer!) Veronica Lane's house, little suspecting Veronica is actually an alien intent on staying on earth--possibly to destroy it! Veronica ties up Carolyn--in order to give her alien superiors someone else to pick up and drag back to the home planet--but they soon capture her and tie them together, topless. Before Carolyn can be shipped to another planet, she gets loose and escapes. An unexpected twist results in Veronica inescapably cuffed in a semi-hogtie, awaiting her fate. Then, a hapless Oceana is featured in a chair-tie vignette, complete with cute pink corset and white stockings. . . Amber Michaels is hogtied with rope, only wearing a tiny bikini . . . Darby Daniels hogtied with handcuffs, in tape gag and pantyhose . . . and finally Stella DuBois in a standing tie, distressed with no where to go . . . Directed by Oak O'Kork.