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CAST: Cassandra Knight,Cleo Nichole,Déjà Chan,Jenni Lee,Jenni Lee,Julie Simone,Liz Tyler,Lydia Mclane,Talia Monet


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"The Institution & Other Tales" 110 Minutes ! State inspector Lydia McLane is reviewing a sanitarium, and suspects something's wrong when she discovers they keep Liz Tyler, Cleo Nichole, Cassandra Knight and Jenni Lee bound and gagged. Is it all a joke? Or have the inmates have taken over the asylum? Talia Monét helps Jon Woods and Julie Simone with their entries for "The Ozymandias Awards." Jon videos Julie's intricate on screen tie of the dark haired beauty, but Ms. Simone is in trouble when he realizes she left the camcorder off for his entry.On the set of a no budget B-movie, Déjà Chan becomes mentally unbalanced when the director tells her to become her character. That night, the Asian beauty terrorizes her costar, Kelsie Chambers.Directed by Jon Woods