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CAST: Charlie (aka Charlie Sierra), Dick Greyson, Jonathan Simms, Ryan Conner

DIRECTOR: Tony Stark

RELEASE DATE: 2/1/2018

CHAPTER ONE: LUCK...Ultra-hot XXX star Ryan Conner is famous for her sexy stage show and her devotion to her fans. But what does a working girl do for companionship when she is out on the road, traveling from one faceless town to the next? Every night she's up on that stage, dancing seductively for a room full of strangers. It's only natural that she'd eagerly accept a bit of attention from a kindred spirit. When a seemingly innocent young guy from the club offers to escort her safely back to her room after her performance, she is more than a bit intrigued by his interest...especially when he mentions some bondage video work she has done in the past. His timid request for a photo quickly turns into a session of passionate bondage! The chemistry between Ryan and Dick is intense; at one point he takes the ballgag from her mouth, rubs it on her swollen clit and then straps it back between her parted lips! Their play eventually culminates in a genuine, quivering, vibrator-induced orgasm for Ryan...and both are left breathlessly wondering what may be to come...
CHAPTER TWO: LOVE...Bondage is not always portrayed, in movies, as something that occurs between lovers. But really, who better to show the sensual and sexual aspects of bondage interaction than a couple deeply in love? Beautiful Charlie and her man Jonathan have checked into a romantic room for the weekend. Their passion for each other is so obvious that just watching them kiss is an erotic experience. When Jonathan decides to bind Charlie their romantic weekend takes a decidedly kinky turn and the bondage only fans the flames of their excitement. As she struggles and squirms in various bondages throughout the room, he makes good use of her helpless body, fondling and mouthing her soft flesh. During the shoot, Charlie told director Tony that she finds it easier to achieve orgasm when her mouth is free. Real orgasms are important to the TSE line so for her final frogtie on the fluffy feather bed, her gag is removed. As she moans and sighs happily, Jonathan uses a vibrator to bring his lady to a very intense, very REAL, bound climax! Love and bondage are beautiful things...