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CAST: Amber Michaels,Arban,Eve Ellis,Jack Banner,Jb Hollywood,Julie Simone,Summer Cummings


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

There is nothing that even comes close to latex for sheer sexiness in apparel...unless you count super-tight spandex. And you definitely SHOULD!
Summer Cummings is chained nightly to her bed, unable to satisfy her lust driven tensions. Her dreams are explosively sensual, provocative and very naughty. Scene after scene of Summer and her extremely enticing girlfriends...encased in skintight latex and spandex, lashed, hooded and constrained by bondage.
Amber Michaels, Arban, Eve Ellis, JB Hollywood and Summer Cummings: all ladies with the kind of killer curves you NEED to make latex attire work. And man-oh-man, does it work well here! You get scene after scene of these extremely enticing girls, all encased in skintight latex and spandex.
They're lashed, hooded and constrained by bondage Master Jack Banner and Mistress Julie Simone.
Slick, stretchy, shiny, body-sculpting fun for all! Mistress Julie ties and gags latex-clad babes who whimper while enduring their torment. Jack Banner does the camerawork and occasionally commands the scene. The damsel in distress theme is effective, etching out an ambiance of suspense. The cinematic sweep of the soundtrack conjures more of a suspenseful thriller mood.
Jack himself shows up in the Jewell Marceau scene, administering punishment.
Adult Video News Magazine had this to say about THE LATEX FILES: DREAMBOUND: "The damsel in distress theme is effective, etching out an ambiance of suspense...Miss Julie knows how to tie a helluva knot!"