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CAST: Janice Johnson,Kelly Ashton,Kelsie Chambers,Kristine Imboch (lorelei),Persephone


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

The Lois Syndrome (WD-28)60 MinutesReporter Kelsie Chambers is grabbed, bound and blindfolded while snooping around the lair of "The Baroness" (Janice Johnson). Once the masked thugs have delivered their pretty package to the arch-villianess, she dismisses them and the feisty beauty makes a run for it. The evil Baroness gives chase, and soon corners the reporter in a dingy tack room. After Kelsie is subdued, the Baroness reveals her plans to use the hapless heroine as the bait in a trap for the mysterious hero known only as "The Enigma". The wicked woman uses Kelsie's communicator to call the hero, and tells him she not only has his girlfriend, but his "Beauties of Justice" as well! Kelly Ashton, Persephone, Paisley Hunter, and Kelsie all face certain doom if The Enigma can't be in four places at once. The Baroness encases Kelsie in a deadly plastic wrap, and if The Enigma refuses to join the villainess, the pressure on Kelsie will become unbearable!Directed by Jon Woods