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CAST: Bambi Newberry,Elizabeth

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Bambi finally experiences the infamous SUSPENDED HOGTIE as she's hoisted and turned by the BondageMaster. In this near-impossible physical feat, Bambi's air-time totals 1 minute 24 seconds. Yes, her suffering is quite vocal! Here's the story backdrop for this amazing scene: Pretty little Bambi is so full of herself! Her only reason for acquiring a boyfriend is to wheedle extravagant gifts out of him. When her beau finds out he's being used, he decides compensation is in order. Arrogant Bambi isn't the least concerned when she finds herself wriggling on the floor, elbows bound together behind her back. She figures she'll sweet-talk her way back into Jay's good graces. Does she have some surprises coming! First she's bound up in a helpless pose so that Jay can slowly unbutton her dress and reveal her gorgeous bod. He ties her gag way back to her elbows, then makes her turn round and round to display her vulnerable form. Her mouth is packed and covered with clear tape before she's roped onscreen into a fold-tie. After Jay adds nipple clamps, Bambi falls off the sofa and can't get up or roll over. Soon she's set up nicely for a session with a stinger-whip snapping across her bare breasts. This is the scene where Bambi finally starts begging. Wicked wire bondage follows, with a wired ballgag to boot! While Bambi's bed-bound, her black cleave gag is pushed deeply into her mouth by the addition of stuffing and cleaved duct tape. What a spread! Fade out on Bambi still bound and gagged... considering all the lavish gifts she swindled out of Jay, she probably has another few months of bondage to go before the debt is called even. Elizabeth is kept bound up in the slave-room. She's hoisted up to her knees in a special strappado and turned on the rotating pallet. A change of gag leads to the 6-buckle Bishop panel ballgag, then she's roped and left alone in a full fold. During Elizabeth's unique ankle-to-calf kneeling bondage, Jay visits his slave to add nipple clamps, then nipple weights.