The Manse of Mystery

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CAST: Alex Foxe,Amber Michaels,Angelique Lei,Cheyenne Allen,Jewell Marceau,Sadie Belle,Sass Lyn


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"The Manse of Mystery: The Video" starring Cheyenne Allen, Sadie Belle, Alex Foxe, Angelique Lei, Sass Lyn, Jewell Marceau, and Amber Michaels The "Manse of Mystery" feature from Bondage Life magazine comes to video! Mysterious goings on are afoot at Harmony Manse—and all we can tell you is they involve Sass Lyn and Cheyenne Allen strappado'd, Angelique Lei as a harem girl trying to get help while tightly bound and gagged, Amber Michaels in a frustrating frog-tie, Alex Foxe getting out of a closet while bound, Jewell Marceau tied to a bed with nowhere to go, and Sadie Belle bound to a bed post (wearing pantyhose and a modest outfit), later tied in her lingerie to a sinister x-frame. For a great variety of models, positions and situations, this tape's hard to beat!Directed by Oak O'Kork