The Master Controls

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CAST: Becky Sunshine,Christie,Delaney

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Sweet buxom blonde Christie is tied to the cross in high-heeled nudity. Tit clamps, a virginal-white cleave gag, and a session with the switch make her whimper. A chair tie holds her for a white ballgag tightened by head-wrap. A bent-over elbow strappado then puts Christie in her place--for a nasty strapping on her exposed rear. As beautiful brunette Delaney kneels in single-glove and Bishop panel-gag, weights are added to her nipple-chain. She's then collared and blindfolded on a chair, restrained with a red leather single-glove, her leather harness digging into her bare crotch. Relentless tit-slapping leads up to a vibrator on her crotch-strap. A blue ballgag highlights her bent-over strappado; Delaney is strictly disciplined. To finish her day, Delaney reclines for hot-wax treatment. Becky Sunshine submits to her very first slave session. Mesh hose and black heels decorate her nakedness. A red tape gag keeps her husky voice muted. The riding crop elicits sexy noises. Then she's face-down on the bed, her ass pulled up in the air by a hoisted crotchrope--making a perfect target for Jay's snapper-whip. Becky's first encounter with Jay ends with the dreaded hot waxing!