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CAST: Jean Casey,Judith Wilson,Sally Roberts


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Originally produced in 1987 but unavailable to the public until now, this video stars Judith Wilson as the seasoned pro model who has to show new-comer "Nancy" (Jean Casey - who really was a new-comer back then) the ropes. As the director coaches them from off-camera, Judith binds and gags Jean. Both models wear lingerie and high heels throughout. Jean is enthusiastic and willing to try everything the director orders, even as Judith steps up the discipline beyond what she originally expected. There's hand-gagging, ball-gagging and panty-gagging. At one point Judith straps a harness ballgag onto Jean that is WAY too tight and Jean can hardly stand it! The plucky new gal is even coached through her very first "chloroform" scene! This tape is a great example of just how the guys at Arrow broke in their new models. At the end of the day, however, things get a little hairy for Jean when the director and Judith decide to go out to dinner and leave her tied up in a closet! Following the story are two scenes of "America's Bondage Sweetheart" of the 1980's, Sally Roberts tying herself up. These last two scenes have NO SOUND and some pretty major video glitches, but Sally is just so darned cute we couldn't resist bringing them to you as an added bonus!