The Pajama Party Of Terror & Other Tales

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CAST: Alissa Anderson,Artemis Antone,Candace Daylee,Frankie Dashwood (aka Frankie D),Layla Jade,Loren Chance


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

THE PAJAMA PARTY OF TERROR AND OTHER TALES!.... "I see bound and gagged women!" skeptic Dorothy Laine tells Loren Chance when their pajama party is crashed by a bondage loving ghost with unwilling guests Candace Daylee, Alissa Anderson and Amber Star. Well respected bondage model Frankie Dashwood causes a scandal when she appears on sleazy reality TV show, and interviewer Layla Jade tries to get the real story from a slimy network executive. Bureau of Immigration worker Josie Perez is shocked when she discovers Papillon is working as a "Webcam Slave," and secretary Raven Sutherland is trapped "Within a Dream," indulging in bondage fantasies involving her sexy boss (Artemis Antone). It's a total of 11 bondagettes in four sensational stories!"Directed by Jon Woods.