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CAST: Alex Foxe,Amber Michaels,Artemis Antone,Cassandra Knight,Tanya Danielle


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"THE PARTICULAR FETISHIST"Starring Amber Michaels, Tanya Danielle, Alex Foxe, Artemis Antone and Cassandra Knight65 minutes ! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Join Greta von Scorn as she explores and celebrates two of the more unique fetishes of our time. The main focus of the video is "Bathing Cap Beauties" — women who are magically transformed into streamlined objects of classic elegance and desire when they are adorned with bathing caps and vintage lingerie. The natural beauty of their faces and figures is amplified when all that pesky hair is tucked neatly away beneath the tight latex caps and they are held captive in Greta's exquisitely tight bondage!Next, Greta puts her models in tight white Jerseys, short athletic skirts, and pristine white tennis shoes for "Tennis Anyone?" These ladies look too hot for the tennis court as they whimper and struggle against the taut, biting ropes.Directed by Greta von Scorn