The Phil Carson Collection 4

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CAST: Andrea Neil,Darby Daniels,Eve Ellis,Shayna Clark,Stacy Burke


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

PHIL ARSON COLLECTION 4 ... . . Okay, so there's no Bee Gees music in Phil Carson's seventh Harmony video, but Harmony's "queens" of bondage are spandex-clad and tightly restrained for your viewing pleasure! Carson regular Andrea is haltered, legging'd, roped, taped and ballgagged, in addition to that lycra armbinder she's laced into. Stacy makes an absolutely stunning package in a sleek black ensemble, which contrasts nicely with the tight pink cord rendering her totally helpless; her ballgag is replaced on-camera with packing, a spandex hood, and a snug cleave-gag tied over the hood! In a storyline vignette, hot-bodied Stacy decides equally hot-bodied roommate Eve's unhealthy fascination with a certain daytime talk-show host can only be cured with bondage therapy, but Stacy overlooks one significant detail that leads to her downfall. Shayna squirms delightfully in a skimpy, sexy green dancer outfit and matching ballgag; then the ultra-flexible, leopard-print clad Darby almost struggles free from a Bishop inspired rope wrap. The women are gorgeous, the outfits are tight, the bondage and gags are tighter, and the end result is an hour of steamy, squirming sensuality?Produced and directed by Phil Carson.