The Picture Perfect Purloiner

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CAST: Amber Michaels,Cara Ryan,Julie Simone,Sadie Atkins


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

In this 'commedia dell 'Oak,' sexy Amber Michaels plays the perfect thief, and svelte Sadie Atkins the hapless art gallery rep. Amber claims to be the representative of a billionaire art collector interested in purchasing many of the gallery's rare erotic paintings. Sadie bends over backwards in order to please her potential patron and the hilarious turn-of-events causes her to get tied up by Amber many times (each with a different excuse)--never suspecting she's restrained so that Amber can pilfer the gallery's collection. Find out if Sadie ever wises up and catches the purloiner in the act! Following is the shorter story--"The Slumber Party Self-Tie"--in which Julie Simone literally shows Cara Ryan the ropes. Then the amazingly talented Julie ties herself up--into a hogtie! Two stories for the price of one in Oak's 25th 'OK' video! Directed by Oak O'Kork