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CAST: Whitney Prescott

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Cute redheaded Whitney Prescott is taken for ransom! Roped up, she rolls around in the car, then she's carried into an empty apartment and kept there for hours. She tries to wriggle to the phone and summon help, to no avail.You'll love it all: on-screen tying, pantygag, elbows tied together,two scenes of mouth-packing with clear tape applied on-screen, hogties aplenty, shut in a closet. The nipple clamps are very uncomfortable (and you'll hear even more out of Whitney than usual!). Great banter when the cad takes humiliating photos of Whitney. Very satisfying ending with a twist. Also included: sample preview clips from "Jay Tightens the Ropes." If you're one of the few who hasn't fallen under Whitney Prescott's spell yet, your time is up! Find out why she's been a top bondage model ever since she first hit the ropes!