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CAST: Alex Foxe,Allison Brach (aka Greta Carlson,Carolyn Reese,Cheyenne Allen,Precious Pink)


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

THE SPIRIT IS WILLIE... Cheyenne finds a mysterious book while sorting through old magazines. The book, "The Adventures of Sweet Gwen" by John Willie, contains illustrations of women in rigorous bondages, fully gagged...all stunningly rendered. But, Cheyenne's never seen this book before, and when she asks Alex, her roommate, about it (showing her the shocking thing!) Alex doesn't know where it came from either. Excited by the mystery, the two roomies decide to have a séance in an effort to call forth this John Willie person. Both ladies don't really believe in calling forth dead people, but figure they might get lucky and find out where the book came from anyway. When the séance supposedly produces no results, Cheyenne and Alex become bored and give it up. But, it seems the séance did produce some results! Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer.A CHANGE OF TIES....One of Harmony's favorite veteran bondagettes gets together with one of Harmony's favorite new bondagettes. In other words, Allison ties Carolyn repeatedly until Carolyn finally gets the better of Allison. Why is it that every time we put Carolyn with someone who can tie, she winds up on the bondaged end of the deal? She's either a slow learner, or she likes it that way!Directed by Matt Meyers