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CAST: Alexis Taylor,Casey James,Cheyenne Allen,Goldie (aka Goldie Blair),Jordan Scott,Lillie White (aka Lillith White),Nicole Sheridan,Queenie Avalon,Talia Monet


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Starring Queenie Avalon and Cheyenne Allen A college student (Queenie Avalon) is writing a bondage-filled novel for a class. The professor's assistant (Cheyenne Allen) outwardly criticizes the budding writer, yet she's secretly plagiarizing the kinky fiction for an internet pay-site! When Queenie discovers the site, she decides to give Cheyenne a damsel-in-distress story she can write about first-hand! But Queenie's plot for revenge may not turn out as planned... With Nicole Sheridan, Casey James, Lilli White, Jordann Scott Alexis Taylor, Goldie Blair and Talia Monet as the oft-tied characters from Queenie's overactive imagination.Directed by Jon Woods.