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CAST: Anastasia Pierce, Bridgette Paris, Tony Starc

DIRECTOR: Tony Stark

RELEASE DATE: 11/15/2016

This new video from ultra-popular Close-Up director Tony Starc is incredibly hot! For each story, Tony ties and toys with his lovely models, taking real pleasure in their obvious sexual excitement. The camera lovingly traces their curves, showing off their beauty and sensuality. The orgasms are genuine, mood is light, the women are happy...and you are right there to witness the action!
CHAPTER ONE: BRIDGETT...Tony has called an agency to arrange for a model to come to his hotel room for a bondage shoot. He has requested that the girl be somewhat exotic, possibly European. When amazingly curvaceous Bridgett shows up at his door he is very happy with what she has to offer. There’s only one little tiny problem: she doesn’t speak English! Tony quickly figures out that the language she’s babbling on it is Italian, but that’s not really any help. Luckily, Bridgett is able to understand from Tony’s hand gestures and broken Italian that she is here for a bondage session, but is she ready for the intense sexuality and eroticism that comes with an afternoon in the hands of Tony Starc?
CHAPTER TWO: ANASTASIA...Anastasia has a body seemingly made for bondage and her pretty mouth accepts fat ballgags with relish. Is it any wonder that Tony really enjoys tying her up? She arrives at his door in a sexy little curve-hugging dress and six-inch heels, ready to be bound, gagged and played with for his (and our) enjoyment. She moans and giggles through her gags, communicating with her captor in a sexily intimate way. His hands caress and grip her lithe curves, bringing both sighs of pleasure and squeals of pain. We are seemingly right there with him as the camera moves in close on her most private flesh. Her double-orgasm scene will leave you breathless!