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CAST: Eve Ellis,Hollywood,Jewell Marceau,Kendra Summers,Stacy Burke


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"The Tightness Factor" 106 Minutes Jack Banner returns with his latest video. In the first storyline, when cute Stacy Burke forgets to tip her pizza delivery man, he returns with a buddy and ties up Stacy five ways. Next, gorgeous Jewel Marceau is being neglected by her bondage-video-fan-boyfriend. She looks up Jack, and asks him to make a video starring her. She intends to slip this video into her boyfriend's pile and win back his love. Six scenes of Jewel tightly bound are sure to do the trick. Next are four long scenes of onscreen ties. Foxy Eve Ellis and Stacy Burke are each overpowered twice, once by two women, and again by two men. Finally, luscious blondes Kendra Summers and Hollywood are pole tied in Jack's basement. This video includes tight bras and lingerie, street clothes and heels, pantyhose and bare feet, latex and catsuits, ropes, leather straps, handcuffs, self ties and on screen ties. If you like your women tied tight this is a video for you. (Note: The onscreen tie segments are from Jack's video, "Overpowered #1." The tapes have been tightened up and digitally remastered for this release.)Produced and Directed by Jack Banner.