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CAST: Abby Nash


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Abby walks into the big, empty building where she's an after-hours cleaning woman, and sets to work. She doesn't get very far, though, before she's grabbed and chloroformed by a large man in black! After she's completely unconscious he binds and gags her limp body on camera and leaves her on the floor. When she wakes up bound and alone she assumes this has just been a robbery. Soon, though, she starts to realize that she could be stuck there, tightly hogtied, for days before someone finds her. Just as panic is about to set in her shadowy captor returns. But is this better? Probably not, because he unties her legs, hobbles her ankles, and forces her down into the basement! An uncomfortable chair-tie with a hoisted crotchrope comes next, but doesn't break her spirit because she readily refuses his request to remove her clothes. She's tied face down on a wooden table and then ballgagged on camera. Once again he requests to remove her clothes, and again she refuses. Again and again she is bound and tormented by her captor . Abby is the latest victim of a bondage slavery ring! The hooded man eventually bags her up and carries her off to his secluded compound where she is to undergo more training and discipline. While in one of her "reward" chair-ties Abby dozes off and dreams of herself bound in a bubbling hot tub, then kneeling at the feet of her hooded Master. When it's finally time for the trainee slave to meet the Master she's been sold to, it's also time for us to find out the real story here. Abby has a secret, and so does her new Master, but we're not going to spoil it all for you here. Rest assured, though…this is a real surprise ending!