The Wicked Plot of Sue Manchu

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CAST: Andrea Neal,Brandi Lessur,Cleo Nichole,Heidi Lynne,Jessica Eden,Joi Li,Kelsie Chambers,Liberty Lace


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"The Wicked Plot of Sue Manchu" 60 MinutesStarring: Andrea Neal, Kelsie Chambers, Cleo Nichole, Joi Li, Jessica Eden, Liberty Lace, Heidi Lynne and Brandi Lessur.Undercover agents Kelsie Chambers and Cleo Nichole investigate a suspicious spiritualist (newcomer Joi Li) but the buxom detectives are quickly exposed and fall into the clutches of the evil villainess, who plans to take over the world with a twisted scheme to transform silicone and saline into high explosives! In "Andreagate," TV reporter Jessica Eden interviews busty Andrea Neal about a brewing political scandal, with ample-breasted beauties Liberty Lace, Heidi Lynne and Brandi Lessur also caught up in the bondage-filled controversy.Directed by Jon Woods