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CAST: Crystal


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

IN HIS OWN WORDS, here's how director John Savage describes this video he produced for Harmony way back in 1984...
“A short time ago I decided to capture my style of tight, inescapable bondage on videotape to share with my friends. I’ve shot plenty of still photos of girls in tight bondage, and always wanted to capture thos squirming, wriggling struggles on a more dynamic media. So I grabbed a video camera and set to work. The result, I think, will please you. If you like good, tight ropework on beautiful female bodies, that is.
”The finished product may not win any awards for technical excellence, but the ropes are tight and the girls struggle with all their might, only to be defeated by the unbreakable clothesline and parachute cord. Sandy, a beautiful blonde with a lush body, and Crystal, a lovely package of chocolate delight, appear in thirteen different bondage positions, each more secure than the last. There is no time wasted on developmental shots, each scene starts out with the lovely girl cinched down, knots far from her groping fingers, ropes pressing on her flesh.
”In some of the shots the girls are wearing skimpy swimsuits so that you can imagine she just walked off the beach and into your ropes. Some are topless and in one, Crystal starts off wearing a slip and kneeling. But with her arms bound behind her, the elbows pinioned tightly together, and her legs also tied, her struggles soon make her fall over. As she rolls around the floor, she becomes topless, exposing her firm breasts. You might say the slip slipped.
”If you like watching pretty females struggling against hopelessly tight ropes, you will like this tape.
John Savage”