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CAST: Skip Sterne,Summer Cummings

DIRECTOR: Sterne Masterson

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

At first, super-busty Summer is too busy admiring her reflection to even acknowledge the knock at her front door.
Eventually, of coirse, she does tear herself away from the mirror and haughtily opens the door to see who'd interrupting her primping. BIG mistake! A sinisterly hooded man (Skip Sterne) pushes his way into her house, grabs her and shoves a white cloth over her face!
Soon Summer is out cold and when she wakes up, she's tied hard and gagged. She puts up quite a struggle when the man starts pawing at her amazing body, but too bad for her...he's not gonna stop!
Skip ties her a few more times in her house, then decides to take her someplace more private to "do what he will." He wraps a coat around her bound body and whisks her away to his dungeon for A LOT more rope-play!
Poor Summer, she's really in for it now. (Or is she?)