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CAST: Tina Tyler,T.J. Hart


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

While these two beauties have appeared in more mainstream adult entertainment, and even though both are practicing fetishists in real life, neither Tina, or her submissive gal-pal TJ, had ever performed bondage in front of a camera. Sometimes this can make for a shaky video, but not here. These two are terrific in this steamy collection of scenes! Dark-haired Tina is a natural domina, and she really looks the part in her shiny black vinyl catsuit, corset and spiked-heel boots. Blonde TJ revels in the role of the submissive eager to please her mistress. Her pink and blue lingerie is so sweet! Tied standing at the foot of the bed, TJ shivers as Tina whips her taut body. Bound on her back with her pink boots suspended high above her, she can only jump and squeal as Tina paddles her butt - hard. A knee-point position on a tall stool leaves TJ's body at just the right height for Tina's relentless whip and tongue. (This scene mark's TJ's first experience with nipple clamps, and boy did she love 'em!) Finally, TJ is chair-bound with leather straps. Tina makes the most of her helplessness by cropping her thighs and puss, then dripping hot candle wax all over her, until she is drenched in wax! At the end of the day, both ladies told us they had so much fun that taking a paycheck for the day felt like stealing!