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CAST: Brook Evans,Elizabeth,Rita

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Why would a woman allow her body and mind to be tested to their limits? Blonde Elizabeth writhes alone in the Red Slave Room. Jay enters only briefly, to change the gag to a Bishop 6-buckle panel ballgag, then she's left alone with her discomfort. As she lays on her back, ankles apart, Jay whips Elizabeth's thighs and crotch. It's difficult for her -- he whips her tits as she flinches. He adds nipple clamps to a hoisting string. Elizabeth is clearly very unhappy.Brook begins in a kneeling position with arms bound outstretched. Jay squeezes her full breasts and adds nipple clamps and weights. He re-gags her with a nice big leather plug. Next she's lying on the stair rail with only one leg down to steady her. Jay pulls the leg up and she squeals uncertainly as he ties her into a precarious position. Soon she's moaning with pleasure as he caresses her. Jay adds Japanese clamps and picks up a crop. Brook gets 4 strikes that make immediate red triangles on her vulnerable rear. She learns to address Jay with respect. She holds still for surprise punishments. She asks to be touched and is denied. She opens her mouth willingly to be ballgagged. She makes an error and is "corrected" with tight tweezing clamps on her nipples. Now she's less composed as she's distracted by the pain of the clamps, but she makes great effort to perform his instructions, turning slowly and kneeling on command. She's left nipple-chained to the rail.Returning tho the Red Room we find Rita kneeling in a single glove. Jay whipe her ass and clamps her big nipples. Next in a lotus-tie, her tied tits are whipped until they glow bright red!