To Tie and Be Tied

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CAST: Julie Simone,Loren Chance


RELEASE DATE: 11/15/2016

TO TIE AND BE TIED... You've seen gorgeous newcomer Julie Simone in a few of our videos, but here's your chance to find out more about this sensational real-life bondagette! Loren Chance interviews the dark-haired beauty, and Julie takes the opportunity to alternately tie up Loren and then herself as she talks about her discovery of bondage as well as her love of the Japanese rope-style, Shibari, demonstrating her expertise on the lovely redhead. Loren also does an on-screen tie with Ms. Simone, and we've included vignettes from her first meeting with Jon Woods. Spend some quality time with a hot lady who loves to tie and be tied!Directed by Jon Woods