Toes In Turmoil

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CAST: Anastasia Pierce,Julie Knight,Lisa Catera,Savanna Snow


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

TOES IN TURMOIL STARRINGAnastasia Pierce, Lisa Catera, Julie Knight and Savanna Snow.Bondage, bare feet, high heels and foot worship, Ms. Blondage produces a stunning video of beauty in bondage while tending to the needs of the foot lover.Anastasia gets her nails painted by her willing submissive damsel. The little vixen decides to paint outside the lines, giving Anastasia the reason to discipline the mischievous damsel. Lisa Catera bound in duct tape and left in her car, feet dangling out the window, as she hollers for help! Savanna Snow - bound while wearing sexy undies, argyle socks accented with sexy black high heels. Ultra sexy Julie Knight bound in a several mouth-watering ties. PRODUCED & DIRECTED BY Ms. Blondage