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CAST: Bambi Newberry,Brittany Andrews

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Red-hot redhead Bambi is sunbathing, peeling away her bikini as her fingers languorously trace her curves. Before you know it she's masturbating with abandon. Bambi telephones Jay and demands that he quit work early and high-tail it home to satisfy her. Jay tells her she's just going to have to wait so she decides to start without him!
Bambi puts on her collar, leather straps, and a panel ballgag . Chains and handcuffs secure her on the bed. She's relieved when Jay arrives at last, but instead of freeing her, he leads her by the leash to the playroom. Her elbows are tied together and Jay adds a tight chest rope and a ballgag. The clothespins he puts on her nipples have tightening screws on each side. Jay whips his slave's back, then her pretty little butt. (This whip has unbeveled ends, to leave red-rash stripes on Bambi's raw flesh). Her mouth is tightly packed with 3 kerchiefs and sealed with red tape. She's laced into a tight corset with a crotchrope sealed underneath and hauled into a two-point suspension that takes her to the limit of her endurance...
But Jay's signature is pushing limits, so the very next bondage is another suspension! Beautiful Bambi dangles in the air, twisting, kicking, writhing, and moaning, an endless scene that will have you holding your breath! After all this, Bambi's re-settled on the bed, where Jay leaves her tied up and sexually deprived. This will teach her to wait next time!
Brittany's breathing heavy as Jay grabs and squeezes her tits. Nipple-clamps are added, then Jay places a vibrator against his slave's custom-made crotch strap. She's cranked off the ground into spectacularly helpless spread-wide suspension, then lying on single-gloved arms, her breasts noosed by leather straps. Her legs are cranked up, higher, higher, then she's lifted fully into the air. Jay steps in and whips her thighs, breasts and ass. Leashed to the ceiling by her ballgag, Brittany stands hobbled, her breasts squeezed by tight ropes. The Master enjoys some intensive breast and ass slapping with a riding crop.