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CAST: Carolyn,Tory Sinclair

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Tory plays a dominatrix who feels she may be losing her touch. Jay, who taught her how to control her slaves in the first place, thinks it's time she had a refresher course in dominance and submission. Tory's protests are stifled by the ballgag he forces into her mouth. As she kneels against a short post, Jay whips her tits and pulls her wrists up high behind her. The next scene features Tory on a stool, in an ass-out position that eventually becomes a full suspension! As she sits on the floor, Jay first forces Tory up into a semi-suspension, then adds more ropes and hoist her up into a full suspension. Sitting cross-legged and cross-armed, Tory protests to Jay that she's trying as hard as she can to meet his demands. "Try harder!" he says. Finally, Tory is bound in thin chain that pushes deep into her flesh. Next, sloe-eyed blonde Carolyn shines in four scenes. She kneels, her legs frog-tied, as Jay forces three (!) large white hankies into her mouth and seals them in with med-wrap, then whips and clamps her tits. In the next scene Jay actually wraps a roll of med-wrap over the ballgag that fills her mouth! A mostly nude, standing strappado position leaves her ass vulnerable to Jay's whip, and another kneeling position allows him to slip a small buzzing vibrator right under her crotchrope!Also includes a preview of JEV-98!