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CAST: Andrea Neal,Brittany Andrews,Jessica Eden,Kelly O`Dell,Tory Sinclair

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Five glorious gals endure super-tough Jay Edwards B&D!
Kelly O'Dell
kneels in bondage on Jay's rotating platform. She sports a black ballgag and tight breast-ropes, and doesn't complain a bit when Jay clamps her nipples. Next, she's perched on a small stool, wearing a white ballgag. Jay clamps her nipples and changes her gag to white cloth packing and white med-wrap, on camera.
Brittany Andrews wears only white gloves and heels for her two scenes on the rotating platform. First she's kneeling and elbow-bound, with her black ballgag padlocked to the short post in front of her face. After Jay clamps her nipples her removes her gag and places a rubber dildo before her. She eagerly uses her mouth on the dildo, then Jay leashes her to the post so that she is forced to keep her lips around the phallus. Still on the platform but standing now, Brittany wears a thick wooden-dowel gag. Jay puts unforgiving clothespins on her nipples, then adds a dildo to the short post between her legs, just a few inches below her body.
Tory Sinclair is bound to a black post with a thick cross-beam between her thighs. One leg is frog-tied, a harness ballgag frames her face, and strict ropework encircles her breasts. On camera, Jay clamps her nipples and ties her other leg up to the cross-beam so that all of her weight is supported on her most delicate flesh. Kneeling on another spinning platform, a bar holds Tory's arms back and a red ballgag fills her mouth. Jay changes her gag to white cloth and white tape.
Jessica Eden wears blue lingerie and a white ballgag for her first scene, in which she is perched backwards on a rotating slave-chair. Jay changes her gag to white cloth and white med-wrap, then exchanges her nipple pinchers for big, heavy c-clamps. Nude now, except for black gloves and heels, Jessica sits cross-legged on the platform. She sports tight breast bondage and a crotchrope. Jay squeezes her tits and changes her gag to white cloth and blue med-wrap, before clipping clothespins on her nipples.
Clad in red and black lingerie and wearing a black chin-harness ballgag, bondage supermodel Andrea Neal is elbow-bound and tied to a tall post on the spinning platform. She whimpers softly as Jay uses a small white whip on her tits and belly and clamps big butterfly-style pinchers on her nipples. Kneeling on the platform and sporting weighted nipple clips, Andrea mouths a red ball on a wooden dowel. Jay uses a mean leather slapper and a red stinger-whip on her tits, belly, and hips, and we get a great close-up of drool running down her chin.