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CAST: Gigi Kelly, Joanna, Kristine Imboch (lorelei), The Contessa

DIRECTOR: Kristine Imboch

RELEASE DATE: 7/2/2017

JoAnna isn't doing well in college, so she seeks tutoring from the Contessa. One little error, though, and this poor pupil is IN for it! She's bound in her little plaid skirt and white blouse and tickle-tortured ruthlessly. She's tied into a ball and actually carried and swung around by her six-foot tall tutor. Her nipples are clamped and nearly two pounds of weight are added to stretch her tender flesh! The video "wraps up" with a scene of lovely blonde Gigi Kelly, who's been rope-webbed under a wooden frame by Lorelei (formerly Kristine Imboch). Lorelei even tweezer-clamps Gigi's perfect, pink nipples!