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CAST: Eve Ellis

DIRECTOR: Bryan Davis

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Slender redhead Eve is really nervous about her big date. When he arrives, Eve opens the door to report, "I'm not quite ready." But Bryan is! He grabs her and ties her up and gags her. "I've been planning this date for a while," he announces ominously as the camera zooms in on Eve's fearful eyes. Bryan ropes her thoroughly to a chair and then leaves her there to sweat it out. Preparations are made and then it's time for in-depth bondage! Eve whimpers softly as she watches her legs being roped up. A full-body oriental lattice-web soon adorns our sexy subject. Close-up shots examine every lovely knot and curve before Eve is pulled into a hogtie. Next, she gets some scary-time perched on a chair. She's balanced on her knee-points and the stilettos are leashed to her waist. Helpless Eve holds herself as still as she can, fearful of tipping over! Bryan even bumps the chair at one point, eliciting a squeal from his worried captive. After time marked in a post tie (standing in high heels till her feet ache), Eve hopes for a break, but instead she's pulled into a bent-over strappado. A strap is added to keep her head up; a lock dangles from her clamped nipples. The finale is a SUSPENDED POST-WRAPPED MUMMIFICATION -- amazing! OUTTAKES are included! Watch the cooperative process of rope-web application. Eve hums through her gag, jokes around playfully, and is given a drink of water while she's in ropes.