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CAST: Alicia Silver,Autumn Woods,Darby,Eve Ellis,Jewell Marceau,Stacy Burke


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

"Tribute to the Prince of Ties" starring Autumn Woods, Stacy Burke, Jewel Marcau, Darby, Alicia Silver and Eve Ellis It's a classic formula. Take a beautiful woman, strip her down to her lacy underwear, the kind that pushes her breasts up, nips in her waist, and barely covers her most tender regions. Then tie her up so tight she can barely move. And don't forget a punishing ball gag, one that reduces her pleading voice to quiet moaning. Now Jack Banner steps up and delivers. Autumn Woods, Stacy Burke, Jewel Marceau, Darby, Alicia Silver, and Eve Ellis are tied hard and thoroughly gagged, and they aren't going anywhere until Jack releases them. Stocking feet, handcuffs, leather belts, cloth gags, custom gags, topless and lingerie, high heels, Japanese prayer tie, pole ties, drooling and Eve Ellis in three ties inspired by bondage artist Bishop.Produced and Directed by Jack Banner.