Triple Summits

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CAST: Alexis Taylor,Amber Michaels,Darby Daniels,Kelsie Chambers,Sabrina Stone,Sadie Belle


RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

TRIPLE SUMMITS..... Someone's not telling the truth in a little town called Triple Summits, and quirky Agent Jefferson (Alexis Taylor)—or is it Jackson?—is sent there to find out what's really going on. Along the way, she gets tied up by (and with) various townspeople, including being hogtied with Sabrina Stone, tied by Amber Michaels, and later bound to a bed with Amber. She ends up tying Darby Daniels, and finds a bound Sadie Belle, hogtied with scarves. Kelsie Chambers appears recurringly as a hapless townswoman. If you like your bondage stories with a weird, eccentric twist, this one's for you!Directed by Oak O'Kork