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CAST: Delaney,Elizabeth

DIRECTOR: Jay Edwards

RELEASE DATE: 1/1/2014

Haughty dominatrix Delaney preens in her shiny vinyl ensemple, awaiting her next submissive customer. Instead she's surprised by Jay Edwards, who demands payment for the well-trained slave he sold her. Instead, she is surprised by Jay Edwards, who demands payment for the well-trained slave he sold her! Arrogant Delaney claims that the slave was disobedient. She won't admit that she's really just an incompetent domme, so Master Edwards decides to break her of her pomposity with some strict bondage and discipline!
He grabs, binds, gags, and blindfolds her as she shouts indignantly. She marks time in an unusual hogtie on the bed wearing a custom-made harness ballgag that shows off her beautiful face. This waiting period begins to bring our her true submissive nature -- a nature she attempts to conceal from Jay's knowing gaze. Delaney is stripped of her dominatrix guise and dressed in feminine lingerie. When the gag is removed and her saliva pours out uncontrollably, she tries to act tough.
"I demand that you release me!" she huffs, right before a huge wad of cloth is jammed between her teeth. Jay's hands roam over her full breasts as she struggles desperately, squealing through the gag. Her insolence is rewarded with the relentless sting of the riding crop on her bare ass. Hoisted nipple clamps and a heavily weighted crotchrope push Delaney over the edge and she is aroused with the realization that he will indeed break her will.
Severe breast bondage (with wire and rope), a single-glove and intense nipple clamps continue her training and she will soon be calling him Master and begging for more punishment.
The video also features training sequences of a blonde slave-for-sale. Elizabeth's complacent expression changes to alarm while enduring harsh nipple clamps, ballgag drooling, a weighted crotchrope and a stinger-whip session on her ribs and tits. Her new owner will be very pleased!